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Stefan & Caroline from "The Vampire Diaries"
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Welcome to stefancaroline!
This is a community for people who ship Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore from the CW's show, The Vampire Diaries. Feel free to post graphics, discussions and the like!

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chosenfire28 [userpic]

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A holiday exchange for The Vampire Diaries & The Originals that accepts all characters and pairings!

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Sign ups close November 3rd, assignments go out on November 5th!

chosenfire28 [userpic]

Come and join tvd_holidays. A holiday exchange for The Vampire Diaries!

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chosenfire28 [userpic]

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Viki [userpic]

I just found a really cute fanvid, you should all check it (:

a girl like that [userpic]

TITLE: I've Got My Veins All Tangled Close
AUTHOR: cassiehayes
CHARACTER(S): Stefan/Caroline
SUMMARY: She sticks with him, when there's no one else left.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of TVD.

They stand beside each other with their toes on the borderline of the town. Give or take. )

lunasol28 [userpic]

just us and the yellow lines to keep us company
Pairing: Stefan & Steroline
Warnings: none, other than it's AU
Words: 1,060
Excerpt: She's not really sure what it was that drove her to get in the car with him.
Written for salvaforbes.

all she has left is a memory
Character: Caroline
Excerpt: it's all she has left of her constant
Words: 811
Warnings: none
Part of the ghost of you is haunting me, desperately drabble set

a girl like that [userpic]

TITLE: She's Blowing Smoke Like Halos
AUTHOR: [info]cassiehayes
CHARACTER(S): Stefan/Caroline
SUMMARY: Stefan returns to Mystic Falls, five years after leaving, for Caroline, who's twenty-three and still looks seventeen and really needs to get out of town.
DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of TVD.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written for the prompt "so better pack your bags and run // send it to oblivion // where you don't look like anyone // that anyone would care about" by [info]ever_neutral at The Vampire Diaries Free-For-All Comment Ficathon: Part 3.

“You know everyone’s going to be gossiping when the neighbors spread the word that the first thing you did was come see me,” Caroline tells him, stretched casually across the doorway. )

a girl like that [userpic]

Title: Holding Eternity in Our Fingers
Author: [info]cassiehayes
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Stefan/Caroline, Damon
Summary: Years
down the road, Stefan and Caroline are together, and when Damon lands
himself in trouble they're off to help him out of it.
Word Count: 3,458
Disclaimer: Still own nothing.
Author's Note: Written for [info]richyl88 as a part of Fandomaid's fundraiser after the Queensland floods.

Chapter One

Chapter Two:

She feels oddly calm as they slide into the car and Stefan turns the key in the ignition. )

chosenfire28 [userpic]

Come and join tvd_holidays!

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Michelle [userpic]

Stefan's freaking hungry...FOR COMMENTS.

Hello, members! Let's try to get to know one another a little better, shall we? We still exist! We all share one common goal.

So let's calm Stefan down and answer a question that has been bothering all of us:
Do you think there's still hope for Stefan and Caroline?

And I want to see more comments in the episode discussion!
(: <3

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